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Things To Do During A Day Out In Gibraltar

Day Out In Gibraltar

If you are going to spend a week or two at one of the many wonderful resorts located on Spain’s Costa del Sol at any time this year then why not arrange a day out in Gibraltar. This British enclave is only around 1 hour or 1 ½ hours drive from anywhere on this part of Spain’s coast line.

If you are going to arrange a visit to Gibraltar then it is best to arrive early in the morning as getting through the customs check point will happen a lot quicker. Arriving at say midday you may find yourself sat in queues of traffic for at least an hour and in the middle of summer this can prove unbearable. However if you prefer you can always park your car in La Linea and then walk across the runway to enjoy all that Gibraltar has to offer.

After arriving there are plenty of things to do and see even though Gibraltar is just 6.5 kilometres square. Below we take a look at some of the things worth seeing and doing during your day out in Gibraltar.

1. One thing that all visitors do on their arrival in Gibraltar is to take a trip to the Top of the Rock. If you want to get a real feel for Gibraltar then hire one of the local tourist guides in their minibuses or even arrange a trip through one of the taxi drivers. They have experience of negotiating some very tricky roads that wind there way up to the top. Once there on a beautiful day you are offered not only spectacular views of Spain but also of Morocco which is around 25 miles away.

2. As you will know Gibraltar is home to the Barbary Ape and without the right sort of guide you may not actually find the best places to view them. They are extremely entertaining creatures but be careful as these are wild animals and if they feel threatened won’t hesitate to attack someone.

3. As we all know for some time the Spanish have been trying to regain sovereignty of Gibraltar. But the people themselves choose still to be under British rule. One place you really should visit to get a sense of what life has been like for the people who live in Gibraltar back in the late 18th Century is to visit the Great Siege Tunnels. These were dug out to help protect the rock from the Spanish and French who for four years laid siege to it during the last part of the 18th Century. Then in 1940 they were extended further to provide a huge fortress.

4. Of course no day out in Gibraltar would be complete without a little bit of shopping. As this is a tax haven visitors are entitled to purchase goods tax-free. The best place to go shopping for a variety of different goods whether it is clothes or electronic gadgets is Main Street. This stretches from Casemates Square and ends in front of the Governors Residence.

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