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A Day Out At El Chorro

El Chorro

Most people when they visit Spain’s Costa del Sol tend to spend a great deal of time just relaxing on the beach. However for those who are looking to do something a little more exciting during their holiday then a day out at El Chorro should be considered.

The village of El Chorro is around about a 1-½ hours drive from the coast and offers you the opportunity to experience the traditional Spanish way of life. Certainly this particular part of Andalucía has become a favorite location for climbers to visit both during the summer and winter months. Here they have the opportunity to be able to try and navigate their way around the Caminito del Rey (King’s Little Pathway), which provided access to the hydroelectric plant when it was being built back in 1921.

At present access to the path is blocked to walkers but work has begun to help restore the path once more for people to use. Unfortunately the work on restoring will take around 3 years to complete but during this time a lot of the original features will be retained and where repairs need to be made then materials will be used that are in keeping with the paths original design.

However if you cannot wait for this work to be completed there are several trained guides who take you along it now. It is important if you do decide to take such a trip you were suitable clothing.

After spending some time exploring the village during your day out at El Chorro you can then head further inland to the Ardales Lakes. These offer you a place to actually relax and enjoy the sunshine. Plus if you want you can even go for a quick dip to help you cool down. But again be aware that at weekends during the summer months this area gets extremely busy. Yet having said that finding a spot around the lakes to relax and unwind won’t prove a problem because they are so vast.

When you do visit the lakes you can of course bring food with you however there are a couple of really nice restaurants where you can enjoy some typical Spanish fare. Both El Kioskoll and El Mirador are located in positions above the lakes offering you wonderful views.

However we would recommend El Mirador as it offers very good food at very affordable prices. You shouldn’t be put off by the look of the building, which is very rustic as the food you taste when sat at one of its many tables is sublime. Also this is the perfect place to get really well cooked meat dishes from leg of lamb through to roast rib of beef. Of course you also may want to try their paella, which is cooked fresh every day.

Certainly for anyone visiting the Costa del Sol should really make the effort to spend at day out at El Chorro and get a feel for what Spain is really all about.

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