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A Bit About The New Runway Terminal At Malaga Airport
Jul 30, 2012

Due to Malaga Airport becoming Spain’s fourth business a number of changes have taken place and will be taking place. In this article we take a look at what is happening in relation to the new runway & terminal at Malaga Airport.

These changes have had to take place, as the airport is very important to the country’s economy because it is the only airport at present serving Spain’s Costa del Sol. This part of the Spanish coast is a favorite destination for tourists from around the world. In 2011 a total of 12.8 million passengers have passed through it and now it offers flights to and from 60 countries around the world including the USA.

There are now actually three terminals in use the latest one being Terminal 3, which is beside Terminal 2 and opened its gates to people on the 15th March 2010. As for the new runway this is due to open on the 26th June 2012. In fact the official inauguration of it should be taking place as this article has been written.

Once the new runway & terminal at Malaga Airport are both available this will help to ensure that the airport is capable of handling even more flights effectively. Before the second runway was built the airport only had the capability to be able to handle around 37 flights every hour. However now the new runway is in use the airport is now capable of handling up to 72 flights an hour.

As for the new terminal at Malaga Airport Bruce S Fairbanks in fact designed this and development of it cost 410 million Euros. It is double the size of Terminal 2 measuring a total of 250,000 square meters and there are a total of 86 places where you are able to check in. Also to help move passengers from the terminal to their flights more effectively a total of 20 new boarding gates have been constructed which have 12 air bridges and 12 baggage reclaim carousels. It is from the new terminal that the majority of non-European and central European flights depart. Whilst flights to the UK and Ireland still depart from Terminal 2.

One thing to mention about the new runway & terminal at Malaga Airport is that it now has the largest food hall in all of Europe. Plus it was the first place to be chosen by National Geographic to open a store. Of course no airport today would be complete with a wide selection of places to eat. Along with the ubiquitous hamburger and pizza joints there are also a good selection of bars and coffee shops to enjoy including this part of Spain’s first Starbucks.

Furthermore whilst waiting for your flight to leave you can enjoy a spot of duty free shopping at several major outlets including an Adidas store. Plus there are several stores where it is possible to pick up last minute souvenirs. So having to wait an hour or two for your flight at the new runway & terminal at Malaga Airport shouldn’t prove at all difficult.

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