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Anyone visiting Spain’s Costa del Sol will of course fly into Malaga Airport. However very few of these visitors actually choose to spend a day out in Malaga after they have arrived. As a result of this they are missing out on some really great things to do and see.

Although Malaga is a great city to visit at any time of the year because of the wonderful weather it enjoys, there are certain times that are better than others. If you are visiting the Costa del Sol during the last two weeks of August then this would be a great time to come and visit Malaga. As during the third week of this month the biggest festival in all of Andalucía takes place in the city Feria (Fair Ground).

This is known as Feria de Verano or the Summer Festival and there is always something going on not only in the Fair Ground in the evenings but throughout the city during the day.

Of course if you cannot make time to visit Malaga in August there are plenty of other things to do and see during your visit to it at other times of the year. Below are some of the other things you may want to do during your day out in Malaga.

1. Remains Of Roman Theatre

This particular attraction is located just below the Alcazaba Fortress that was built by the Moors when they chose to make this part of Spain their home. The remains themselves actually date back to when Augusto was Emperor of Rome and were used up until the 3rd Century. The theatre remained unused until the Moors arrived when they decided to build their Fortress above it.

2. La Alcazaba

Construction of this particular Fortress commenced in the 8th Century and 300 years later in the 11th Century construction was completed. It was actually built as a palace for the Moors Nazarite Kings and offers some amazing views of the city. To reach it a lift has been installed which takes you to the very pinnacle of this amazing structure. To gain access to the lift it is located behind Malaga Town Hall in Calle Guillen Sotelo.

3. Gibralfaro Castle

This particular building was constructed in the 14th Century under the orders of King Yusuf I. It was built to actually help defend La Alcazaba and today once you arrive it offers you some spectacular views not only of the city but also of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Pablo Picasso Museum

No day out in Malaga would be complete without a visit to this museum. Housed within this museum you will be able to view 155 works of art created by Pablo Picasso who was born in the city. The museum itself is located in the 16th Century Buenavista Palace and is a short walk from where he was actually born (Plaza de La Merced) and is located on Calle San Agustin and is only short walk away from the other attractions mentioned in this article.

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